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We’re about halfway through the summer growing season so I thought I’d take a break from peaches and share how my gardens are doing. THREE SISTERS GARDEN OTHER GARDEN AREAS They aren’t pictured here but the herb garden, apple trees, and boysenberries are doing… Continue Reading “GARDEN TOUR”


I spent the waning days of the year reviewing the projects we did on the homestead this year. It wasn’t as much as I wanted to do but, looking back, it’s nothing to sniff at either! 2021 TWO CHICKENS HOMESTEAD ACCOMPLISHMENTS made a hoop… Continue Reading “2021 HOMESTEADING ACCOMPLISHMENTS”


Nature repeatedly amazes and impresses me with it’s persistence. One of the bare-root boysenberries I got this spring arrived dried out and it looked dead. I planted it though and it surprised me by sprouting a couple of little leaves. Recently those leaves died… Continue Reading “Persistence”

Continuing Onward

The chicks, as chicks do, are growing both in stature and curiousity. This morning, Thor somehow managed to jump out of the bathtub and onto the bathroom floor. I think she surprised herself and she started screaming bloody murder until she was returned to… Continue Reading “Continuing Onward”

Bath Time for the Chickens

We got a lot of things done around here this weekend. One of the Legbars had a dirty bum so, now that it’s warmer outside, we gave her a bath. Yep, I mean a tub, warm water, soap … and a chicken. She didn’t… Continue Reading “Bath Time for the Chickens”

Growlie Chicken

Eager is broody. She wants to raise babies and has created a nesting spot. When we approach, she growls. It’s hysterical to hear! I took a video to insert here but haven’t figured out how to do that, so just think miniature Chewbacca. The… Continue Reading “Growlie Chicken”

Old Yeller Comes to Visit

A big issue I have getting some of my projects done is getting the supplies to the house. Lugging home 2x4s and sheets of plywood has been a trial, and, progress has been very slow building up some of the infrastructure I want on… Continue Reading “Old Yeller Comes to Visit”