Month: August 2021

For My Next Trick …

My second attempt using my new Nesco Smart Canner did not go much better than the first. I tried pressure canning potatoes next. I’ve canned potatoes before so I know I can do it successfully. Since my faith in myself was a bit shaken… Continue Reading “For My Next Trick …”

Well, That Didn’t Go Well

My first attempt with the Nesco NPC Smart Canner didn’t go well. I bought plums, read the instructions for the canner, read the directions for water bathing plums, even watched a couple of You Tube videos. Nevertheless, this is what happened with my plums:… Continue Reading “Well, That Didn’t Go Well”

I May Have Been Naughty

While I was in the throes of Peach Week, I found myself avoiding canning them even though that’s my preferred way to preserve peaches. The massive time commitment canning requires limited me to doing it on Saturday – all day long – rather than… Continue Reading “I May Have Been Naughty”

Zucchini Has Its Day

This week it was finally time to do something with the accumulation of zucchini and crook neck squash that has been taking over my refrigerator. I scrubbed 7 zucchini and 3 squash and shredded them. … and shredded … and shredded … and ….… Continue Reading “Zucchini Has Its Day”

One Done, One begun

ONE PROJECT DONE: In addition to the instinct to scratch the ground for bugs, chicken nature is to perch up off the ground. They need a roost in the coop for sleeping at night. They also need to be able to perch on something… Continue Reading “One Done, One begun”

Chicken Bedtime

Just like children, birds need routine. Not so much that life is boring; just enough that they feel comfortable that their grownups can be counted on to take care of them. With my cockatiels, our bedtime routine was to give them dinner, then half… Continue Reading “Chicken Bedtime”

Chrissy Has A Spa Day

In an attempt to help her gain weight, we have been soaking chick food into a mash consistency which we have been giving to Chrissy (our cross-beak chick) twice a day to supplement what she gets from the usual sources. Mushy food is easier… Continue Reading “Chrissy Has A Spa Day”

Those #%&@ (Darn) Squirrels

Twenty-five pound bags of chicken feed take up a lot of space in my utility room, so I was glad to finally put it outside in garbage cans. That way it was right where we need to use it, and much more practical. I… Continue Reading “Those #%&@ (Darn) Squirrels”

Eager Expresses Her Joy

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported that after the rooster was separated from the girls, Eager is happy, out of the nest box, and mingling with the other hens and pullets. Eager is so happy, in fact, that she is expressing… Continue Reading “Eager Expresses Her Joy”

Don’t Let the Heat get you

In June, I planted one Cowhorn Pepper plant and one Serrano Pepper plant in my Greenstalk planter. Over the past week, I harvested two Cowhorn Peppers and five Serrano Peppers. The Cowhorn is a little less hot than a jalapeno with a Scoville rating… Continue Reading “Don’t Let the Heat get you”