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As fall progresses, there are not many opportunities to let the chickens out for a walk-about. In summer and early fall, when I get home from work, there are a couple hours of light remaining before the sun goes down. So, they can spend… Continue Reading “DRAT THAT ROOSTER!”


This week we had a predator attack on the chickens! I came home from work one day this week and saw that the rooster and hens/pullets were acting oddly but couldn’t see a reason why. I did think “Why did Oscar put the rooster’s… Continue Reading “Predator!”

The Rooster is Mad

Road Runner has been banished from the coop. We have put him in the little coop that we used for the sick roosters last fall and winter (thoroughly sanitized of course). As you can imagine, he is not pleased! There are two excellent reasons… Continue Reading “The Rooster is Mad”

Continuing Onward

The chicks, as chicks do, are growing both in stature and curiousity. This morning, Thor somehow managed to jump out of the bathtub and onto the bathroom floor. I think she surprised herself and she started screaming bloody murder until she was returned to… Continue Reading “Continuing Onward”