Month: April 2021

Using Code Words for Family Safety

Recently, my daughter received a call from a man claiming to have snatched her daughter. It was one of those scam calls, complete with a crying child, that we’ve been warned about on social media and in the news. Hearing about her experience reminded… Continue Reading “Using Code Words for Family Safety”

First Harvest

This has been another not-very-productive weekend. I had dental surgery on Friday and was just not up to doing much of anything. I did, however, wander through the garden to check how much frost damage we had from the below freezing temperatures we had… Continue Reading “First Harvest”

Lazy Weekend

With all the things that I want to get done, this was not the weekend to be lazy; however, both Oscar and I finished the work week exhausted and couldn’t rouse much energy. As a result, we didn’t get much done. I purchased and… Continue Reading “Lazy Weekend”

Bath Time for the Chickens

We got a lot of things done around here this weekend. One of the Legbars had a dirty bum so, now that it’s warmer outside, we gave her a bath. Yep, I mean a tub, warm water, soap … and a chicken. She didn’t… Continue Reading “Bath Time for the Chickens”

Sometimes you’ve just got to take that first step