Month: July 2021

Spreading Joy Everywhere

We are just spreading joy everywhere. (Yes, that was said in a sarcastic tone). You see, it’s not just the rooster who’s mad at us – the squirrels are mad too. We started building the hoop run in March but once we got the… Continue Reading “Spreading Joy Everywhere”

Garden Surprises

After the snake sighting (a story for another time), I refused to go in the yard and garden or to the chicken coop until Oscar mowed. I made Oscar water the garden and take care of the chickens for a week. The long grass… Continue Reading “Garden Surprises”

The Rooster is Mad

Road Runner has been banished from the coop. We have put him in the little coop that we used for the sick roosters last fall and winter (thoroughly sanitized of course). As you can imagine, he is not pleased! There are two excellent reasons… Continue Reading “The Rooster is Mad”

A Continuing Journey

Welcome to Two Chickens Homestead! I have been blogging for a little more than ten years as My Provident Journey but it was time for a change. Throughout the past year, I have come to realize the My Provident Journey blog no longer fit… Continue Reading “A Continuing Journey”

One Down

One basket done; three baskets to go.

Peach Week is Here!

Today I went to Kalawi Farm and brought peaches home. Lots and lots of peaches. 120 pounds of peaches Yes, I have a problem matching my desire to process lots and lots of peaches with my body’s ability to do so. I got a… Continue Reading “Peach Week is Here!”

Blueberry Hill

This past weekend we were blessed with free blueberries. Wilding Acres Farm has a large blueberry patch that overwhelms them with blueberries every year and we were invited to come over and partake of their abundance. In a very short time, we had picked… Continue Reading “Blueberry Hill”

Poor Chrissy

As I shared before, one of our chicks has cross beak (also known as scissor beak). Apparently, this is a know genetic issue with Easter Eggers. We named her Criss-Cross and call her Chrissy. There’s not much you can do for a scissor-beaked chicken.… Continue Reading “Poor Chrissy”

Potato Harvest

Growing potatoes in containers was one of my experiments for this gardening year. I planted one seed potato each at the bottom of two extra-large containers. As the plants grew, I covered them with more dirt, leaving only a few inches of the plant… Continue Reading “Potato Harvest”

No Ping?

I had noticed that I was not seeing canning lids on the store shelves this season, but shrugged it off as I had only looked in three stores. I didn’t realize that last year’s Great Canning Jar and Lid Shortage has extended to be… Continue Reading “No Ping?”