Month: August 2022


Last year, our greenhouse was more of a temporary fixture. The intent was to utilize it as a greenhouse for the winter and as a chicken tractor for meat chickens in this summer. Even though it was more of a hillbilly greenhouse, it worked… Continue Reading “GREENHOUSE UPGRADE PROGRESS”


As you’ll recall, when I went to the farmer’s market last Saturday, I brought home a mess of green beans. It has been a busy, and tiring, week so I only got to them today. I was concerned that they were past their prime… Continue Reading “CANNING THE BEANS”


One of the several food-related projects I did this past weekend was to fill the dehydrator. I loaded 1-3/4 trays with tomatoes and finished the second tray with gypsy peppers (sweet). I didn’t get much of a harvest from the gypsy peppers. Two trays… Continue Reading “STINKY!”


Saturday, I went back to my favorite farmers market of all time. The Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is one of four farmers markets run by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. You’d think, considering it has a government connection, that it would be a… Continue Reading “FARMERS MARKET FUN”


I didn’t start the weekend with the intent to make up for the time lost from being sick but, looking back, it sure looked like that’s what I was doing! In addition to the usual household chores this weekend I: Went to the farmer’s… Continue Reading “BUSY WEEKEND”


I am finally getting some oomph back and have managed to get some small things done after work each day this week. For example, tonight I finished roasting pumpkin seeds and also sliced zucchini to make chips in the dehydrator. Roasted pumpkin seeds are… Continue Reading “STILL AT IT”


Sorry I’ve not been around. I’ve had a couple of life hiccups the past week. Of all things, a summer cold took me down hard. I’m grateful to be on the mend now. The last food preservation project I did before getting sick was… Continue Reading “HICCUPS”


DAY 1 – #everybitcountschallenge

As with any New Year’s resolution (a tradition I do not participate in), I started the first day of the #everybitcountschallenge off strong. For Day 1, I sliced zucchini and put it in the dehydrator. And yes, I wore a protective cut-resistant glove to… Continue Reading “DAY 1 – #everybitcountschallenge”