Storing Powdered Milk

Each household needs to store 24 pounds per person to complete its year’s supply.  It is a good idea to get fortified milk as the vitamins A and D help with proper nutrient absorption.  For storage purposes, #10 cans, mylar pouches or superpails are the best alternatives for long term storage.  #10 cans hold 4 pounds, so acquire 6 cans per person for a year’s supply.  A Superpail holds 29 pounds so one pail would cover one person’s year’s supply.  A Superpail is probably better for large families who can use the milk fairly soon after the pail is opened.


Number of people in your home:    ___________ x 24 pounds/person    = __________ pounds

The optimal shelf life of properly stored powdered milk is 3-5 years.  After that, while the flavor begins to deteriorate, it retains much of its nutritional value and is still usable for 10+ years, depending on the storage environment.    Storage temperature is critical for long-term storage of powdered milk.  The cooler the storage space, the longer it will keep the flavor.  Once a container is opened, or if the milk isn’t properly stored, or if it is packaged in cardboard boxes or paper envelopes, use it within a few months.  Older milk, or milk that might have an off-taste, can still be used for cooking.  Milk that has spoiled is a good addition to the compost pile.