Month: March 2021

The Sticks Aren’t Dead!

A mystery was solved this weekend. Since we planted our apple trees in November, they have looked like dead sticks. I have been watching them for weeks for signs of life. No more! Hooray! They’re alive!

Day of Remembrance

Yesterday was the 57th anniversary of The Great Alaska Good Friday Earthquake. This was probably the most profound event of my life and it has had life-long effects. This magnitude 9.2 megathrust earthquake, lasted four minutes and thirty-eight seconds. It was, and remains, the… Continue Reading “Day of Remembrance”

Life and Death on the “Farm”

This weekend we had a little sun, after another week of cold and rain. I was concerned the seeds I planted last weekend would not survive. They did! The arrows are lettuce sprouts! The circle is a pea sprout! There was a disaster this… Continue Reading “Life and Death on the “Farm””

Chicken Saddles

Road Runner, the nice rooster we kept, has been riding the hens too hard so we got them some chicken saddles. See how he’s tearing up their backs and shredding their feathers? The answer to that was to get the girls some chicken saddles,… Continue Reading “Chicken Saddles”

Spring Weather

While my friends in Wyoming and Colorado are being pummeled by a snow storm this weekend, we have enjoyed temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. I do not miss the spring storms in Wyoming. Just about the time you’re done with Winter, Wyoming says,… Continue Reading “Spring Weather”

Chickens Down the Road

A few weeks ago, the neighbors down the road started letting their chickens free range during the day. Well, actually, they might have started before that, so maybe I should say that’s when the chickens decided to leave their yard. Usually it’s just three… Continue Reading “Chickens Down the Road”

Growlie Chicken

Eager is broody. She wants to raise babies and has created a nesting spot. When we approach, she growls. It’s hysterical to hear! I took a video to insert here but haven’t figured out how to do that, so just think miniature Chewbacca. The… Continue Reading “Growlie Chicken”