Month: October 2020

Priorities of Preparedness

A week or so ago, I mentioned I had been wrestling with what to work on to bring my lapsed preparedness efforts up to snuff. We are in a bad patch in this country. The past several months have been filled with societal and… Continue Reading “Priorities of Preparedness”

A New Home

After I noticed the roosters getting better, I started looking for a more permanent shelter to build for them. A rabbit cage with a tarp to provide protection from the weather was fine when we were just waiting for them to die but certainly… Continue Reading “A New Home”

They’re Everywhere!

This year the oak trees on and around my property are dropping scads of acorns! More than any other year since I moved here. So many, it’s kind of driving me crazy. When I’m outside, it sounds like it’s raining – yes, that’s how… Continue Reading “They’re Everywhere!”

Week 2 – Every Plate Meal Kits

We received our second set of meals on Friday. First I made the Apricot Pork Chops with a Kick. The kick was from Sriracha sauce. I had managed to avoid Sriracha the past few years, even though so many people have raved about it.… Continue Reading “Week 2 – Every Plate Meal Kits”


Today, I looked out the window and saw: Roosters in the yard! Apparently they are feeling better.

Preparedness Lapse

Earlier this year, before the pandemic and lockdown, I determined I needed to get back to my preparedness efforts. When I stopped tracking my progress through this blog, I let my preparedness efforts slide. I did have other issues going on in that time… Continue Reading “Preparedness Lapse”

Every Plate Meal Kits – The Experiment Begins

Meal #1 – Tuscan Herbed Chicken Linguine Let me start by saying: I would never have made this dish on my own. I would have looked at the list of ingredients I needed to acquire/gather, and the steps involved, and discarded it as “too… Continue Reading “Every Plate Meal Kits – The Experiment Begins”

Chicken Update

It’s been about three week’s since I realized Blondie and Dotty have Marek’s Disease. Marek’s Disease is pretty much an automatic death sentence in a large flock. Through additional research, though, I found that occasionally a chicken will live. A survivor would still be… Continue Reading “Chicken Update”

Meal Kits – Good or Bad?

When I first started seeing ads for Meal Kits (Hello Fresh, Dinnerly, Home Chef, etc.) I thought “that’s ridiculous,” “that’s expensive,” “that’s wasteful.” As people I knew tried them, though, my criticism turned into curiosity. I’ve gotten in a nasty rut with meals the… Continue Reading “Meal Kits – Good or Bad?”

Adulting 201

A couple years after my dad died, my mom and I moved from Alaska to California where her sister and mother lived. I hated California. I didn’t want to leave Alaska; I loved Alaska! I lived in California for four years before my sister… Continue Reading “Adulting 201”