Month: January 2021

Old Yeller Comes to Visit

A big issue I have getting some of my projects done is getting the supplies to the house. Lugging home 2x4s and sheets of plywood has been a trial, and, progress has been very slow building up some of the infrastructure I want on… Continue Reading “Old Yeller Comes to Visit”

I’m not a Homesteader

Recently, I saw a comment on a Facebook post, or maybe a You Tube video, that started out saying, “I’m not a homesteader but today I … ” and then proceeded to indicate she had done a bunch of canning. In my mind, I… Continue Reading “I’m not a Homesteader”

My Next Project

My gardening results in North Carolina have been dismal. I was excited to finally live somewhere that wasn’t such a challenge to grow things as in the high altitude of Flagstaff, the super dry conditions in Cheyenne, or the extremely short season in Alaska.… Continue Reading “My Next Project”

Worthwhile Goals for Anyone

When What to Our Wondering Eyes Did Appear

Oscar went out to the coop today to put in a new roost and nest box (since they don’t like the nest boxes we previously got them). While working, he dropped a screw into the bedding below. If he hadn’t he would never have… Continue Reading “When What to Our Wondering Eyes Did Appear”