Month: November 2020

Trees as a Test of Faith

One of the things I’ve tried to get on my property since moving here is apple trees. This year, that project came back to the forefront when I found The trees from this grower have advanced root systems so that you get apples… Continue Reading “Trees as a Test of Faith”

And then there were FOUR

If you’ve followed along the last 5 months, you know that I have seven chickens, three roosters and four hens, in two coops. There are 5 chickens in main coop, aka the Crookedest Chicken House in the East. The second, small, coop is for… Continue Reading “And then there were FOUR”


Well, that didn’t go well. This week’s experiment was to make fermented chicken feed. Of the many expectations touted, I was most interested in three: it was healthier for the chickens, it was money-saving, and it was easy to do. It looked like it… Continue Reading “Bleck!”

Categories of Preparedness

Since I obviously need a review of what I learned previously about being prepared, I am just going to re-post some basics. Often when discussing preparedness or provident living, people think Food Storage or Emergency Kits and that’s all they work on. Within the… Continue Reading “Categories of Preparedness”

Next Experiment: Fermented Feed

Whether it’s yogurt or sauerkraut or sourdough or cod liver oil, fermented foods are good for human health. Apparently, fermentation is good for chickens, too. Here’s what I found about the benefits of fermented chicken feed. It increases the digestibility and nutrient absorption. The… Continue Reading “Next Experiment: Fermented Feed”

No One Can Do it All

One of the most useful discoveries I’ve made in my journey toward self reliance is that I can’t do it all but every little bit I can do or learn will make a big difference. As long as I continue to put one foot… Continue Reading “No One Can Do it All”