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To my Northern friends and family in Omaha, Cheyenne, and Spokane who have been hit hard with winter weather the past few weeks: I’m sorry Phil is such a cranky rodent that he would impose another six weeks of winter on us all! Despite what that rude groundhog claimed this morning, I have been ramping…


Piggybacking off last week’s review of food storage containers and supplies, this week let’s Take Stock of other paper and plastic products we use. Do an inventory of: Paper towels Napkins Toilet paper Kitchen garbage bags Kleenex Paper plates Paper/plastic cups Plastic cutlery These are not, strictly speaking, necessities in the home. Some would say…


I always feel a sense of satisfaction and contentment when my efforts pay off. It may seem a little thing but today I felt like eating peach cobbler. So, I made peach cobbler…because I have all the ingredients on hand. I even made it a bit more special by making: Blueberry Peach Cobbler Preheat oven…

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