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Food Storage guidelines indicate we should store powdered milk – 24 pounds per person.  Naturally, this assumes you aren’t dealing with a dairy allergy.  As always, your food storage needs to fit your family.  This week TAKE STOCK of how well you are USING your powdered milk storage. The optimal shelf life of properly stored…


We had another sunny day, so I wandered the homestead checking where I needed to water (very few places). While fertilizing the berry bushes, look what I discovered: There are berries on the boysenberry bushes! I planted these in Spring 2021 and Spring 2022. Last year they had flowers that didn’t become berries but this…


After enduring several days of rain (yes, I’m grateful to have someone else water the garden), the sun came out today. I took advantage of the break in the weather and checked to see if the sunflower seeds had made any progress (not really but maybe two or three germinated?). While there I noticed: PEA…

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