Month: May 2021

Have Courage

Weird Week

This was one of those weeks I am glad to have behind me. It wasn’t a “when you look at later, you’ll laugh” experience either. Nevertheless, I was able to find blessings in every day. It started Monday morning when I discovered my debit… Continue Reading “Weird Week”

Have Faith in Yourself

Chicks and Strawberries

My chicks are arriving in a month and, considering how everything we do takes longer than expected, I’ve started making final preparations. This week, the brooder heater arrived. I purchased a Brinsea 600 brooder heater after checking out several options. I like that it… Continue Reading “Chicks and Strawberries”

Greenstalk is On Sale!

I was excited to get an email today saying that the Greenstalk Vertical Planter is on sale again! I have been really impressed with my Greenstalk planter and have talked about it to anyone who will listen. They are great for people who have… Continue Reading “Greenstalk is On Sale!”

Yes, I Can!

I have a hate-hate relationship with the phrase “I CAN’T”. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone telling me I can’t have or do something, or me telling myself “I Can’t,” or someone else saying “I Can’t” about something they want. That phrase absolutely irks… Continue Reading “Yes, I Can!”