Month: December 2021


I spent the waning days of the year reviewing the projects we did on the homestead this year. It wasn’t as much as I wanted to do but, looking back, it’s nothing to sniff at either! 2021 TWO CHICKENS HOMESTEAD ACCOMPLISHMENTS made a hoop… Continue Reading “2021 HOMESTEADING ACCOMPLISHMENTS”


The past few months with the chickens has mostly involved maintenance, with rare events worth mentioning. This month, however, a lot has been going on in the chicken coop so I thought I’d catch you up on their doings. As you may remember, I… Continue Reading “COOP SCOOP”



I kind of miss the days when we all made loads of Christmas cookies and took them to friends and neighbors. Besides providing some special treats that we didn’t get any other time of the year, it served as a way to let people… Continue Reading “‘TWAS A WHIM”


My new pullets hatched in early June and have now passed the 6 month mark. I’ve been watching for eggs for the past couple of weeks with great anticipation. The wait is over … at least for one of them. Someone started laying eggs… Continue Reading “WHOSE CACKLEBERRY IS THIS?”

Looking Ahead

There’s really not much time off when gardening in this part of North Carolina. When you’re done growing for one season, you’d better have already made your plans and prepared for the next season. Winter isn’t even immune from this cycle; it’s just a… Continue Reading “Looking Ahead”

Hillbilly Greenhouse

Everytime we touch the greenhouse, it becomes more “hillbilly.” We started making it in September by covering a hoophouse with greenhouse plastic, held on with ratchet straps. The next step was to be the closing up the back end and adding a door to… Continue Reading “Hillbilly Greenhouse”

Information Please

This is another story that I enjoy reading periodically. This version started appearing on the Internet in 2001 but the original story first appeared in 1966 in Reader’s Digest. Whether this was a real-life experiences or not does not matter, the message is valid… Continue Reading “Information Please”


I enjoy watching this telling of the Christmas story according to kids every year. For a bit of humor this holiday season, click the picture to enjoy it too.