Plan to Be Prepared

I keep the various worksheets, plans, and reference materials that contribute to my being Self-Reliant & Prepared in my Preparedness Notebook.  Without this repository (a simple three-ring binder), I have piles of loose papers scattered throughout my house, never to be found when they are needed, and I lose track of what I need to accomplish.

Here are the tab dividers and some of the documents I keep in each section.  Over the next few months, I will add links (click on anything green) for some of the documents that I have found useful to keep handy. There may be other sections you add to your own Preparedness Notebook.


Emergency Plans

Family Emergency Plan
   –includes Communications Plan, Meeting Place(s), Fire Plan, Evacuation Plan
Emergency Cards

Evacuation Checklist
Home Safety
Personal Safety
Pet Plan

Home Storage Plan

Plan Your Three-Month Food Supply
   Three Month Supply Excel Worksheet
   Blank Ingredients Worksheet – print out and write on
   Three-Months Supply Blank Worksheet – print out, write on, calculate your totals

Shelf Life of Basic Pantry Items

Other Food Storage plans/approaches
Non-food Storage Plan
“Family Home Storage: A New Message” (an article from Ensign magazine)

Water Storage Plan

30+ Tips for Coping Without Running Water (an article from Backdoor Survival)

Emergency Kits Plan

72-hour kit (BOB)
Get Home Bag (Vehicle Emergency kit)
1st Aid kit
School kit
Office kit
Water for our Emergency Kits (an article from Preparedness-365)

Important Documents 

See the Important Documents Binder tab for a list of documents to keep

Resource Management

Debt Elimination Plan
Savings Plan

Skills / Tools Plan

Reference Material

“Sturdy Shoes and a Waterprooof Tent” – an article about lessons we can learn about personal preparedness from historical events; also, why it can be critically important to listen to the counsel to be prepared.

“The Safety of Beverages in Plastic Bottles” and “Plastic Bottles” – articles from reputable sources about the rampant Internet claims that extreme temperatures make bottled water dangerous.

What’s in Season?  Vegetable Guide / Fruit Guide