Old Yeller Comes to Visit

A big issue I have getting some of my projects done is getting the supplies to the house. Lugging home 2x4s and sheets of plywood has been a trial, and, progress has been very slow building up some of the infrastructure I want on my property.

We have a temporary solution for that challenge. For the next several weeks, my son-in-law let us borrow his old, yellow, pickup truck (a 1986 GMC C2500) that the family dubbed “Old Yeller.” Oscar used to drive it to work and school his senior year of high school. He loves that truck.

This week we used Old Yeller to transport some cattle panels which will be used for building fencing and hoop houses. These have been on “the list” since last summer and now we are finally making progress.

In other news this week, it’s been rainy, cold, and gloomy all week. It was a bright spot then when the seeds I ordered for my spring garden arrived. Some of these things get planted in just a couple of weeks. I ordered two boysenberry plants Tuesday and they should arrive toward the end of the month.

I Love Boysenberries!! We are right in the middle of the growing zone range for boysenberries but I’ve never heard of anyone growing them here in North Carolina. Is it because boysenberries originated in the West and, since they aren’t good keepers, they’ve not caught on in the East? Or, is there something about our weather that prevents them from being successfully grown here? I have no idea, and have found no one that can provide further insight, so, this has been designated as an experiment. I see three possible outcomes: I will be totally disappointed because they won’t grow, I will be able to grow just enough to satisfy my needs, or, I will become the only place to get boysenberries in North Carolina.

Chicken News: Egg production is great. We are getting brown and blue/green eggs regularly. The hens aren’t laying in the nice nesting box I provided them though; they choose to lay in the bedding on the floor, to one side of the coop. We have not developed the grit to do it ourselves so we are still looking for someone to kill the three roosters for us.

Apple trees: no news; they are still sticks.

It looks like the gloom and cold weather are sticking around for the next week. I am grateful for my warm home.

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