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My first batch of chickens turned two years old the end of June and it’s been in my mind that they have aged out. I was a bit concerned that I was not adding a fresh batch of chicks to the flock this year.… Continue Reading “CHICKEN RETIREMENT”


Caboose is no more! She died today and we buried her on Chicken Hill where our previously deceased chickens are buried. She was one of our two Cream Legbar chickens. Her BFF, the other Cream Legbar, was Pecky. Caboose was a sweet chicken and… Continue Reading “AN ADDITION TO CHICKEN HILL”


THREE SISTERS GARDEN My corn plants are poor, pitiful things while the fields of corn I pass each day are lush and knee high. I’ll leave them in the garden, but I don’t anticipate the situation to improve. It has, after all, been 5… Continue Reading “POOR PITIFUL”


After just a week, Sister One (the corn) was sprouted in 10 of the 11 mounds in the Three Sisters Garden. If I don’t see something in that last mound in a few days, I’ll plant more corn seeds. The corn needs to be… Continue Reading “SISTER FOUR’S TURN”


While we were out in the chicken coop installing the new nest box and interacting with the hens, I made a startling discovery: Toast had blue earlobes! Her beard is quite burly so I’d never actually seen them before. I didn’t know blue ear… Continue Reading “BLUE EAR LOBES?!”


Now that we are getting five or six eggs a day, I figured we’d better get the girls another nesting box. Once all ten hens are laying, two boxes may not be enough. The Little Giant nesting boxes we have been using have worked… Continue Reading “A NEW NESTBOX”


The past few months with the chickens has mostly involved maintenance, with rare events worth mentioning. This month, however, a lot has been going on in the chicken coop so I thought I’d catch you up on their doings. As you may remember, I… Continue Reading “COOP SCOOP”


My new pullets hatched in early June and have now passed the 6 month mark. I’ve been watching for eggs for the past couple of weeks with great anticipation. The wait is over … at least for one of them. Someone started laying eggs… Continue Reading “WHOSE CACKLEBERRY IS THIS?”

Roaming Chickens

As fall deepens and it gets dark earlier every day, the chickens don’t have as much opportunity to get out as they used to. Today, though, I got home a few minutes earlier so they get a half hour of freedom before chicken bedtime.

New to Grass

The pullets are just over 14 weeks old and finally large enough to spend time outside the run in the evenings. They are loving it! There’s nothing so fine as scratching around in the grass! The concept of getting back in the run through… Continue Reading “New to Grass”