Long-term food storage involves collecting and storing sufficient food to cover our families’ needs for a one-year period.

Often this food is in a form we are not familiar with, so we must continually work with and use these food items until they become a regular part of our diets.

Accumulating Long-term food storage is most often accomplished by purchasing bulk items from places like Azure Standard, purchasing freeze-dried and dehydrated foods from commercial sources like Emergency Essentials and Thrive Life, and preserving food (canning, freezing, dehydrating) from the family garden or farmer’s market.

Long-term food storage requires learning new skills like cooking from scratch, preserving food, growing a vegetable garden, using freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, and much more. This kind of learning takes time and dedication to ensure we are not stuck with a food supply we don’t know how to use.

Because there is a longer learning curve with Long-term Storage, I personally prefer to start with gathering my Short-term Storage. This buys me more time acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to gather, store, and utilize Long-term Storage. That’s a personal choice though – most other experts recommend doing it the other way around.