Why Store Food?

These are just a few of the reasons why you should have a Food Storage.  If you think about it, you can come up with even more.  Don’t spend too much time thinking, though.  If you haven’t yet started, now is the time!

1)  SECURITY – There are so many scenarios that can result in your family doing without necessities if you are not prepared with an adequate food supply in your home.  Have you ever noticed that any time there is a weather event predicted, such as a hurricane or blizzard, a large majority of the population hits the store seeking bread, milk, baby formula, diapers, and water to sustain their families?  After a disaster, like an ice storm or widespread power outage, the grocery stores are just as crippled as everyone else and not available to take care of your needs.  A truckers’ strike or shortage of drivers can prevent the transport of goods to the grocery store.  The economic and emotional upheaval of job loss or income reduction is another personal disaster that is not uncommon.  The possibilities are endless.  The likelihood of something dramatic, if not traumatic, happening in your lifetime is certain.  A good meal in your belly goes a long way to making these events bearable.

2)  SELF-SUFFICIENCY –  Being self-sufficient (self-reliant) means you can take care of yourself.  While no one can have all the skills to fully take care of themselves and their families in our modern world, everything you can do toward that end will bless your family.  Having a Food Storage is the best first step to becoming self-reliant.  Doing so will take care of your family’s most basic needs and it’s something everyone can do. Knowing that you will be able to feed your family despite the hardships is empowering.

3)  CONVENIENCE – Few things are more satisfying than being able to go to your cupboard and find whatever you need, to make whatever you want, whenever you want.  You rarely run out of things. When you unexpectedly have extra mouths to feed, it is not a burden because you are prepared and have what you need.  When you have a food storage, you don’t have to go to the grocery store as often.  You don’t have to figure out over and over (and over and over!) what to make for dinner as you have already figured out what your family likes to eat and used that meal plan to build your storage.

4)  ECONOMICS – Food storage makes meal prep easier. When it’s easy to get a meal on the table, you can hit the drive-through less regularly.  Eating out is expensive and that expense adds up fast. Eating food prepared at home is not so expensive.  Additionally, because you are not Out of anything, you are able to buy the food items you use and store only when they are on sale.

5)  INSURANCE – Having food storage is like having insurance.  We spend lots of money on insurance with the hope that we will never need it.  We buy car insurance Just In Case something happens to our car; we buy health and life insurance Just in Case something happens with our health.  Why wouldn’t you want to spend money on food insurance (Food Storage) knowing that you Will use it?