Month: June 2021

Plan B

One thing that has been consistent since beginning this journey is the application of Plan B: “Well, that didn’t work. Next?” The priority project of this weekend was to revise the brooder. Yes, the brooder box we just put the chicks in last weekend.… Continue Reading “Plan B”


Nature repeatedly amazes and impresses me with it’s persistence. One of the bare-root boysenberries I got this spring arrived dried out and it looked dead. I planted it though and it surprised me by sprouting a couple of little leaves. Recently those leaves died… Continue Reading “Persistence”

The Chicks are Gone!

Yesterday was moving day for the chicks and they are out of the bathtub and into their brooder box in the chicken run. Just in time, too. Besides the jumping out of the tub trick that a couple of them had discovered, the smell… Continue Reading “The Chicks are Gone!”

Continuing Onward

The chicks, as chicks do, are growing both in stature and curiousity. This morning, Thor somehow managed to jump out of the bathtub and onto the bathroom floor. I think she surprised herself and she started screaming bloody murder until she was returned to… Continue Reading “Continuing Onward”

The Cheeps are Well

The two visiting grandsons and I have done a few things this week but not much as I had planned/hoped. It’s been hot and/or rainy and since I wilt in the heat and melt in the rain we’ve only worked in between the two.… Continue Reading “The Cheeps are Well”

The Phone Call

At the stroke of 8:00 a.m. this morning the phone rang. I may have squealed when I saw that the display read “US Postal Service.” The chicks had arrived at the post office! They are a day earlier than expected but that’s ok as… Continue Reading “The Phone Call”

Just a little progress

I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks but don’t want it to seem I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. I was ill a couple of weekends ago. Since then I’ve been exhausted and cranky. I think the crankiness is mostly related… Continue Reading “Just a little progress”