Continuing Onward

The chicks, as chicks do, are growing both in stature and curiousity.

This morning, Thor somehow managed to jump out of the bathtub and onto the bathroom floor. I think she surprised herself and she started screaming bloody murder until she was returned to her brooder-mates. Last year’s chicks didn’t start escaping from the tub until they were three or four weeks old. I think it’s a good thing these munchkins are going into the brooder box (in the chicken run) this weekend.

I was thrilled to see that some of the seeds I planted last weekend, have started sprouting. New growth in a vegetable garden is always exciting! This weekend I will clear the last of the peas (I did harvest quite a few peas after all) and carrots from the other half of the raised bed and will plant that half in more green beans.

Another plan for this coming weekend is to get pavers to put the three remaining pots of boysenberries on along the part of the fence we put up so they can start vining on it. One of the bare root boysenberry plants has completely given up the ghost. I’m not completely surprised – this was the one that had arrived all dried out and dead looking. It did sprout a couple of small leaves but it did continued to struggle until those leaves finally just disappeared this week.

It’s supposed to be hot this weekend so the only other project is to finish sterilizing the small coop so we can separate the darn rooster from the hens. I had wanted him to be out of sight of the coop, which is in the backyard, but now that summer is here it is just too hot to put him in the front yard. I know the separation will be hard for him but the hens need a vacation from him!

It was kind of hard to go back to work this week but this is how I’ll be able to keep moving forward with my “farm” plans, so, back to work I went.

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