One Done, One begun


In addition to the instinct to scratch the ground for bugs, chicken nature is to perch up off the ground. They need a roost in the coop for sleeping at night. They also need to be able to perch on something during the day for a quick nap, to watch what’s going on, to stay out of the way, etc. 

Ever since the chicks got out of the brooder box, I’ve been trying to get a set of perches made for the chicken run. This weekend that project finally got done. Ta-da!

No, that’s not the picture angle, the middle bar really is crooked

It is 5 feet long, 3 feet high, 3 feet deep and has 3 perches. It turned out to be an easier project than we were making it out to be in our minds. Someday maybe we’ll learn you just have to start a project rather than overthink it or be anxious about it.

The chickens are enchanted with their new perches


It’s August and, in North Carolina, that means it’s time to get fall gardens planted. The problem for me is that the summer garden is not yet done and is still using my existing garden beds/containers. I need more garden beds!

To alleviate that problem, I picked up a galvanized steel raised bed from Northern Tool. It was just the right size (6′ x 3′) and, even better, it was on sale. I’ve never used these galvanized steel beds so this was the perfect combination of “pros” to feel secure in giving it a try.

This weekend we assembled it,

By “we” I mean Oscar

determined where to place it,

The front yard gets the most sunlight in winter

and filled it with soil.

Ready to plant!

We are going to build another hoop house by the end of September that we’ll use as a greenhouse. That will extend our fall/winter growing season almost to Spring planting time. We’ll just place the greenhouse over the winter beds and containers. (When we’re done using it as a greenhouse next Spring, perhaps we’ll be ready to raise meat birds and that hoop house will be used to house them. We’ll see.)

I’ve planned out what I want to plant this fall. In addition to this bed (planted with Cauliflower, Peas, Radishes, Kale, and Carrots), I will also move the Greenstalk planter into the greenhouse and fill it with greens (for the chickens of course) and the big pots (that I used for potatoes) will be planted with either rutabagas and/or beets.

First things first, though, this next weekend I need to get this new bed planted.

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