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Caboose made it through the night. Yes, I was concerned that I had over-stressed her and would find her lifeless body this morning. I’m glad that wasn’t the case. Her comb is still limp but her feathers and clean and fluffy. She came right… Continue Reading “HERBS IN THE HENHOUSE”

Oregano for Chickens

The Oregano Oil I ordered arrived Monday and I have given Miss Piggy three doses. By dose I mean I squirt a small amount into her mouth once a day.  There were no instructions provided beyond that.  In the meantime, I’ve been doing more… Continue Reading “Oregano for Chickens”

Eager Expresses Her Joy

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported that after the rooster was separated from the girls, Eager is happy, out of the nest box, and mingling with the other hens and pullets. Eager is so happy, in fact, that she is expressing… Continue Reading “Eager Expresses Her Joy”

Sniff Sniff

I harvested some of my basil and put it into the dehydrator. One of the unexpected perks of using a dehydrator is the alluring smell that infuses the air in the house. Basil, especially, fills the house with the most amazing aroma. I find… Continue Reading “Sniff Sniff”

Eager is Happy

Now that the rooster is out of the hen house, Eager is out of the nest box. This is so much healthier for her, mentally and physically. If you remember, Road Runner (the rooster) was beating Eager up. Her response was to retreat to… Continue Reading “Eager is Happy”

Next Experiment: Fermented Feed

Whether it’s yogurt or sauerkraut or sourdough or cod liver oil, fermented foods are good for human health. Apparently, fermentation is good for chickens, too. Here’s what I found about the benefits of fermented chicken feed. It increases the digestibility and nutrient absorption. The… Continue Reading “Next Experiment: Fermented Feed”