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Usually by the time the weekend arrives, at least in the winter, I am drooping with exhaustion, especially when the weather is gloomy and cold. This weekend started out no differently – but this time, I got to take Monday as an extra day… Continue Reading “WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES”


Last night, after I got home from work, I got to do one of my favorite things. I canned Chicken! I think it’s a favorite thing to can because it’s also the easiest thing to can. Now that I’m using my Nesco Smart Pressure… Continue Reading “ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS”


Making applesauce is super easy. You peel, core, and slice some apples, cook them until they are soft, and mash them. Just like that, you have applesauce. As I processed applesauce this year, I tried some different techniques and tools than I’ve used in… Continue Reading “THINGS I LEARNED – PART 1”


As I worked on canning the green bean harvest this weekend, I encountered a problem I have had before with my Smartcanner. It’s not the Smartcanner’s fault. When I flip back and forth between water bath and pressure canning, I get confused between the… Continue Reading “PRESSURE CANNING INSTRUCTIONS – NESCO SMARTCANNER”


My favorite thing to can is chicken. My second favorite meat to can is hamburger. Both are super easy to do and a great way to put shelf-stable meat in your pantry. Recently, I cooked up four pounds of hamburger. For the inquiring mind,… Continue Reading “CANNING HAMBURGER”


As you’ll recall, when I went to the farmer’s market last Saturday, I brought home a mess of green beans. It has been a busy, and tiring, week so I only got to them today. I was concerned that they were past their prime… Continue Reading “CANNING THE BEANS”


I finally successfully used my Nesco Smart Canner to pressure can! If you’ll recall, I purchased an electric canner in August. It seemed be a good option for my canning needs, but I have struggled with it. After my last failure in October, I… Continue Reading “SUCCESS!”

It Was Supposed to be a Productive Day

With the cooler weather we’ve been enjoying, I was looking forward to having a productive Saturday. The plan was that Oscar would go into town to get a haircut and purchase more bedding for the chickens while I stayed home and processed pickles from… Continue Reading “It Was Supposed to be a Productive Day”

For My Next Trick …

My second attempt using my new Nesco Smart Canner did not go much better than the first. I tried pressure canning potatoes next. I’ve canned potatoes before so I know I can do it successfully. Since my faith in myself was a bit shaken… Continue Reading “For My Next Trick …”