For My Next Trick …

My second attempt using my new Nesco Smart Canner did not go much better than the first.

I tried pressure canning potatoes next. I’ve canned potatoes before so I know I can do it successfully. Since my faith in myself was a bit shaken by Saturday’s magnificent failure, I read my canning book and watched a You Tube video to be sure I had everything right. I read and re-read the instructions for pressure canning in the Nesco Smart Canner. I even used disposable lids instead of the Tattler Reuseable lids.

Everything went as expected until Step 8 in the Nesco manual. “The pressure canner will automatically countdown from E10 to E0. Once the … Display shows a blinking E0, the canner will beep once….”

It didn’t beep once, it beeped three times.

“…the Pressure Limiting Valve is set to Airtight…the canner resumes, the Control Panel will beep again.”

Well, it didn’t resume, it shut down!

Because the canner shut down and did not process the potatoes under pressure for 35 minutes, they are not preserved for the shelf. They are simply jars of boiled potatoes sitting in my refrigerator.

Four lovely jars of boiled, not canned, potatoes

I emailed Nesco customer service and am awaiting a reply.


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  1. I read/watched the lady who gave it the 16 minute review on it….maybe she would have better advice than the co who sold it to you!

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