Chrissy Has A Spa Day

In an attempt to help her gain weight, we have been soaking chick food into a mash consistency which we have been giving to Chrissy (our cross-beak chick) twice a day to supplement what she gets from the usual sources. Mushy food is easier for her to get in her mouth.

When she eats this concoction, however, she makes a massive mess. She shakes her head while she gobbles it down, covering the wall, the ground, any nearby chickens and people, and herself with flecks of the mash.

With the addition of the muddy mess created in the chicken run by recent rains, Chrissy looked totally manky and was in desperate need of a bath. So, she had her very first spa day!

She enjoyed the warm, soapy water:

She relished snuggling with Grandma while being towel-dried:

She tried her best to not let the little monster barking at her from the floor ruin the mood:

Timmy thinks Chrissy would make a good snack

When she returned to the chicken run, she told the others she must be a princess because she was treated so specially.

I don’t think they believed her, but it’s what you think of yourself that matters.

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