A Continuing Journey

Welcome to Two Chickens Homestead! I have been blogging for a little more than ten years as My Provident Journey but it was time for a change.

Throughout the past year, I have come to realize the My Provident Journey blog no longer fit my direction and focus for this period of my life. In fact, it’s purpose is so far in the past that I had blocked most of the previous years’ posts.

When I started My Provident Journey all those years ago, it was to have a place to record my skill- and knowledge-building after the Provident Living group I had participated in, while living in Wyoming, disbanded.

Provident Living is about Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness and using our resources wisely. Ten years ago, that’s where I was in my journey. As we all should, I have continued evolving. I now better understand that all those things, and much more, fall under the Self-Reliance umbrella.

The term “Self-Reliance” is often misinterpreted as doing it all yourself. To me though, “Self-Reliance” declares a mindset of learning to do what you can for yourself and continuing to learn to do even more. That is going to look different in every household. Embracing Self-Reliance in an urban apartment will look very different than it will on a 40+ acre farm.

My focus now is on bringing more of my personal supply chain closer to home, learning how to do more of the basic skills that were an integral part of the lives of previous generations, doing as much for myself and my household as I can, and developing a community of friends with different skill sets to accomplish the things I’m not (yet) able to do for myself.

That said, there will be limitations. I am of an age and health-status where starting a 40-acre anything is not in my cards. I have more than most though – an acre. I will not be raising and slaughtering cows and pigs – but I can raise chickens. My gardening skills, rudimentary at best, are now restricted to container and vertical gardening techniques. Nevertheless, there is So Much I can accomplish within these parameters and I am enjoying discovering ways to be more self-reliant despite my limitations.

So, join me on my continuing journey here at Two Chickens Homestead. Press the Follow button, comment on blog posts, and add your own experiences as you start (or continue) on your own journey!

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