Garden Surprises

After the snake sighting (a story for another time), I refused to go in the yard and garden or to the chicken coop until Oscar mowed. I made Oscar water the garden and take care of the chickens for a week. The long grass made it too difficult to spot the nefarious copperheads that seem to be in abundance this year.

As soon as he had executed that obligation, I was able take stock of everything and there were some lovely surprises!

A foot-long Golden Delight Zucchini and yellow squash!

When I was young, my mother declared a hatred for squash. As a result, I did not have zucchini until I was in college and did not venture any further for another fifteen years. When I lived in Flagstaff, the Jeffs family served it at dinner one night and I was an instant convert. Yellow squash sauted with butter and onion has become one of my favorite summer vegetables! The Golden Delight Zucchini was a bonus pack of seeds I got from Hoss Tools. I am curious to see how it compares to the usual green zucchini.

A smattering of Serrano peppers
A second Cowhorn pepper and they are both 8 – 10″ long

I left all the peppers on the plants until I figure out how to tell when they are ready to pick.

There were even a few green beans ready to pick and eat.

The day was full of unexpected surprises!

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