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To finalize your 72-hour kit, TAKE STOCK of two pieces of information that should be included with your kits. If you haven’t already done so, you will want to include Emergency Contact information in your kits and also post an Evacuation Checklist. We’ve all… Continue Reading “TAKE STOCK – WEEK 14”


When a disaster strikes, (hurricanes, tornados, and ice storms are the most common in this area) it takes time for emergency responders to locate and assist those affected. In such a situation, you and your family will need to rely on yourselves, and the… Continue Reading “TAKE STOCK – WEEK 12”


Not everyone will have to deal with the upheaval and chaos the Ukrainians have experienced while evacuating their homes because of the invasion of Russian military forces.  However, many of us will have to evacuate our homes for some other disaster.   PREPARE BEFORE THE… Continue Reading “EVACUATE!”


There are some common barriers that might keep us from taking steps toward becoming prepared.  Are you stuck on one of these? KNOWLEDGE:  “I don’t know what I need to do.”  TIME:  “I’m already too busy; I don’t have time to do one more… Continue Reading “PREPAREDNESS BARRIERS”

Hello Autumn, Goodbye Summer

The projects have been slowing down as Fall starts. We aren’t struggling to fit so much into our evenings and weekends. The cooler weather has been glorious. The reduction in the bug population has been wonderful. The ragweed? Not so welcome. Greenhouse: the hoops… Continue Reading “Hello Autumn, Goodbye Summer”

Self-Reliance & Technology

I have been working on one aspect or another of self-reliance and preparedness most of my adult life. The difference in what I’ve been able to accomplish the past couple of years compared to previous times (besides having Oscar here to do the heavy… Continue Reading “Self-Reliance & Technology”

Believe in Yourself

Prepare to Protect

Since 2004, National Preparedness Month is observed each September in the U.S. The intent of National Preparedness Month is to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies. This is a time to get focused on, to improve upon, to practice,… Continue Reading “Prepare to Protect”

A Continuing Journey

Welcome to Two Chickens Homestead! I have been blogging for a little more than ten years as My Provident Journey but it was time for a change. Throughout the past year, I have come to realize the My Provident Journey blog no longer fit… Continue Reading “A Continuing Journey”

First Pepper

Everything’s exciting when you have a garden growing. Today, while watering, I noticed my Cowhorn Pepper plant has an actual Cowhorn Pepper on it! This was an accidental purchase – I thought I was picking up a Coolapeno. I was intrigued by a pepper… Continue Reading “First Pepper”