No Ping?

I had noticed that I was not seeing canning lids on the store shelves this season, but shrugged it off as I had only looked in three stores. I didn’t realize that last year’s Great Canning Jar and Lid Shortage has extended to be this year’s Canning Lid Shortage.

I have plenty of jars, so didn’t have a problem with that last year and I found lids on-line so I felt fairly secure. Unfortunately, I was duped by the website into thinking they were branded Ball lids, only to find out they are off-brand. They seemed to work well enough for the small amount of jam I made but I was very leary about potentially wasting my time and food and canned nothing else last year.

It was fortuitous, then, that one of the You Tubers I follow posted a video about the shortage of canning lids. Check it out here:

NO Canning Lids!! Is it Time to REUSE Them??? – YouTube

I had forgotten about Tattler Reusable Canning Lids. In truth, when I first learned of them years ago, I disregarded them as an option. I was comfortable with what I had and the Tattlers were just too different from what I was used to using. Besides, the disposables were cheap and inexpensive.

I feel re-assured by Sara’s video about these reusable lids. Further, she is right that, by continuing to use the disposable lids, we are still overly-dependent on the store. Besides, a dozen Tattler lids cost $11.99 a dozen for wide mouth lids and rings; the least expensive branded lids I could find on-line were $13.99 (compared to the $2-$3 price of a couple of years ago).

The stars are aligned: this is the year to give Tattlers a try. My order is on it’s way and should be here just in time to use on the peaches we are picking up next weekend.

I sure am going to miss the “Ping!” though.

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