Spreading Joy Everywhere

We are just spreading joy everywhere. (Yes, that was said in a sarcastic tone). You see, it’s not just the rooster who’s mad at us – the squirrels are mad too.

We started building the hoop run in March but once we got the bare minimums done, we stopped. All this time the chickens have been protected by chicken wire, a tarp, and a prayer against predators.

We have not had any mishaps, though the squirrels had no problem entering and helping themselves to the chicken feed, the chicken scratch, the chicken treats. I suspect maybe some chicken eggs, too. The chickens would just stare at the squirrels from the other end of the run and let them have whatever they wanted. (Where’s the bully rooster now, huh?)

The chicks had an extra layer of defense as their brooder box was covered with hardware cloth which has tiny, inflexible holes and is a heavier gauge of wire. So, they were safe in their brooder.

With the impending release of tender, juicy chicks into the run, however, I was not taking chances, and we finally got the hoop run covered with hardware cloth.

Translation: the squirrels’ free buffet is over – they can no longer get into the run – they are not happy.

Next on the list for the chicken coop that will never be done, we have to put plywood on the original run to expand the coop and make a new doorway into that section. That, though, is for another week-end.

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