This week we had a predator attack on the chickens!

I came home from work one day this week and saw that the rooster and hens/pullets were acting oddly but couldn’t see a reason why. I did think “Why did Oscar put the rooster’s coop at such an odd angle?” and walked away shaking my head.

The next morning, when he said he hadn’t put the coop in that spot, we investigated further and determined that a predator had a go at the rooster’s coop and, besides relocating it by several feet, very nearly chewed its way in.

Friday, my next door neighbor stopped me on the road and said three neighborhood dogs had attacked the coop. The mystery of what it was is now solved. This morning (Saturday) I heard a racket in the back yard and chased a Visla away from the coop. Now I know one of the dogs involved, but not which neighbor to fuss at.

Electric fencing was not in the budget but guess what I’m going to have to buy. Sigh.

In the meantime, Oscar will set up the trail cam to gather evidence in case it’s needed. We moved the rooster’s coop so that the damaged side is against the chicken run to provide a little more protection.

We are crossing our fingers this will be enough to protect Road Runner until we can get the electric fence.

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  1. I sure hope you can find the owners….maybe suggest if they can’t contain their dogs that they buy the electric fencing for you…and, oh by the way, pay to install it as well!

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