First Harvest

This has been another not-very-productive weekend. I had dental surgery on Friday and was just not up to doing much of anything.

I did, however, wander through the garden to check how much frost damage we had from the below freezing temperatures we had – after the average last frost date. The boysenberries and all the spring vegetables (peas, broccoli, kale, lettuce, radishes, carrots) were just fine. The potatoes had quite a bit of damage but are still showing a lot of green so I just cut off the leaves that had been killed. The basil, too, had quite a lot of damage, but, again, more green than dead so I think they will recover, too.

While checking everything out, I found a worm on one of the apple trees 😠. So, the trees got sprayed with Neem oil. While I was at it, I sprayed everything else, too.

Garden excitement #1: my new boysenberries arrived from Burpee. These are not bare root cuttings like the first ones, they are plants. So, I’ve spent the past couple of days hardening them off during the day. I think the weather will have recovered it’s good sense by Tuesday so I will wait until then to plant them.

Garden excitement #2: I got my first harvest from the Greenstalk planter! Look at my Easter Egg radishes:

Oh, my, that white one was suck-your-breath-in hot

Something funny: last week when I gave the lettuce a haircut and treated the chickens to the trimmings. Boy, did they love that – there were greens flying everywhere! Today, when I pulled the radishes, I discovered it was the radish leaves I was cutting off, not the lettuce. Smh.

Something not funny: when I came around the corner of the house today and discovered the chickens partying in the raised bed garden. Again, there were greens flying everywhere. They were promptly evicted! Smh.

We still have some big projects to complete: finish the run, revise the coop, install the fencing, build a brooder box, turn what has become the junk room back into a bedroom for when my other grandsons come to visit, and on and on. Apparently, not having a project list is not in my nature.

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