Lazy Weekend

With all the things that I want to get done, this was not the weekend to be lazy; however, both Oscar and I finished the work week exhausted and couldn’t rouse much energy. As a result, we didn’t get much done.

I purchased and planted basil and chamomile under the apple trees. I planted basil seeds last weekend but I didn’t want to wait for them to grow and work their pest-repelling magic as the bugs and caterpillers are already out in force. I also got some petunias and put them in the top level of the Greenstalk planter where the carrots were struggling. There is something to be said for the instant gratification of purchasing plant starts. This was all made possible by a Lowe’s gift card from my friend Susie. Thanks again, Susie!

I also went to Home Depot and purchased the handles and L-brackets needed for the door at other end of the run so we have them when we get around to that project again.

I did just a little freshing of the chicken area: I raked the run, put DE (diatomaceous earth) in the coop and dust bath to protect the chickens from pests, added fresh straw to the nest box, and added fresh bedding to the coop.

We dismantled the hoop over the raised bed. It was only put there while the weather was too wet and cold to plant spring seeds in that area. We added some more holes to the bottom of the potato planters as they were staying too wet. The last thing we did was to dismantle the chicken tunnel that we’d used over the winter. We managed to save most of frame work and chicken wire. We already know how we’ll recycle the wood and wire for other projects, which will save money.

These activities were interspersed with plenty of sitting, napping, and other non-active activities. Apparently we needed that though.

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