Preparedness Lapse

Earlier this year, before the pandemic and lockdown, I determined I needed to get back to my preparedness efforts. When I stopped tracking my progress through this blog, I let my preparedness efforts slide. I did have other issues going on in that time period but now that I am aware of my lapse I am trying to get back on track.

I’m not finding it easy to just pick up and carry on though. Previously, I could work at a somewhat leisurely pace and feel that, as long as I was making progress, I was doing fine. Not so today. The upheaval in the United States the past few months has been particularly unsettling and I’m having trouble finding my focus on what to do first.

The result: I’ve been flip-flopping. “You have to build your supply of weapons and ammunition.” “No, resolve the holes in your food storage first.” “Oh, don’t forget long-term plans (garden, chickens, etc.)” The reality is, however, this must all be done with the same income that is already stretched. (Do not take that as whining. I truly am grateful I was blessed to keep my job through the pandemic).

Hoping to overcome my anxiety, I started looking on-line to see what others are saying about setting priorities in preparedness.

One of the first articles I found was a 2018 Guest Article by Bogan on Modern Survival Blog talking about going beyond the lists of food, water, tools and consider the kind of scenarios you might encounter. While this concept was not unknown to me, it was a poll that was included that caught my interest. Over 1500 people responded to the question, “Of the ‘massive’ (worst case) scenarios listed, which 5 would you most likely prepare for?” The top votes were for: Economic collapse (22%), EMP/CME (19%), Civil war (18%), and Pandemic (17%).

Well, now, doesn’t that look a lot like 2020?

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