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Week 2 – Every Plate Meal Kits

We received our second set of meals on Friday. First I made the Apricot Pork Chops with a Kick. The kick was from Sriracha sauce. I had managed to avoid Sriracha the past few years, even though so many people have raved about it.… Continue Reading “Week 2 – Every Plate Meal Kits”

Every Plate Meal Kits – The Experiment Begins

Meal #1 – Tuscan Herbed Chicken Linguine Let me start by saying: I would never have made this dish on my own. I would have looked at the list of ingredients I needed to acquire/gather, and the steps involved, and discarded it as “too… Continue Reading “Every Plate Meal Kits – The Experiment Begins”

Meal Kits – Good or Bad?

When I first started seeing ads for Meal Kits (Hello Fresh, Dinnerly, Home Chef, etc.) I thought “that’s ridiculous,” “that’s expensive,” “that’s wasteful.” As people I knew tried them, though, my criticism turned into curiosity. I’ve gotten in a nasty rut with meals the… Continue Reading “Meal Kits – Good or Bad?”