A New Home

After I noticed the roosters getting better, I started looking for a more permanent shelter to build for them. A rabbit cage with a tarp to provide protection from the weather was fine when we were just waiting for them to die but certainly won’t work for winter weather, even in North Carolina.

I found a kit that would not require the roosters to do any climbing when they go between the coop and run and ordered it – the day before The Great Rooster Escape. (Wasn’t that fortuitous?)

A kit works for this purpose because I need to house only for two, not seven chickens. Since the chicken craze we were seeing during the pandemic lockdown has died down, not only was it not outrageously priced like kits were in the Spring and Summer, but it was on sale. I found an additional coupon to apply, too!

So the major project for today (Saturday) was to assemble the kit and move the roosters. It was really easy! Oscar put it together in about 20 minutes, without any assistance from me.

Ta – Da!

We put it in the front yard. The main coop is in the back yard. When the two groups could see each other, they wanted to be together. I think it will be easier on both groups if they don’t see each other. We’ll see if that bit of chicken psychology plays out. It’s Fall so the front yard is not blistering hot like it is in Summer so they can stay there probably until May. Another thing I like about this set-up is it’s light enough that we can easily move it as they need fresh grass. At any rate, they love their new coop!

It’s a Hit!


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