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While I was out harvesting yet more zucchini today, I again wondered, “How do you know when corn is ready to harvest?” I’ve had this thought several times but never when I could look it up … and of course I would then forget… Continue Reading “THE CORN ACTUALLY GREW”


The Three Sisters Garden is taking shape. We spent a few weekends putting up a chicken wire fence around the garden space, then transferring dirt into the fenced area and shaping it. We also lined the edges of the area with mulch to reduce… Continue Reading “ONE SISTER IS DONE”

Looking Ahead

There’s really not much time off when gardening in this part of North Carolina. When you’re done growing for one season, you’d better have already made your plans and prepared for the next season. Winter isn’t even immune from this cycle; it’s just a… Continue Reading “Looking Ahead”

Life and Death on the “Farm”

This weekend we had a little sun, after another week of cold and rain. I was concerned the seeds I planted last weekend would not survive. They did! The arrows are lettuce sprouts! The circle is a pea sprout! There was a disaster this… Continue Reading “Life and Death on the “Farm””

I’m not a Homesteader

Recently, I saw a comment on a Facebook post, or maybe a You Tube video, that started out saying, “I’m not a homesteader but today I … ” and then proceeded to indicate she had done a bunch of canning. In my mind, I… Continue Reading “I’m not a Homesteader”

My Next Project

My gardening results in North Carolina have been dismal. I was excited to finally live somewhere that wasn’t such a challenge to grow things as in the high altitude of Flagstaff, the super dry conditions in Cheyenne, or the extremely short season in Alaska.… Continue Reading “My Next Project”

Worthwhile Goals for Anyone

No One Can Do it All

One of the most useful discoveries I’ve made in my journey toward self reliance is that I can’t do it all but every little bit I can do or learn will make a big difference. As long as I continue to put one foot… Continue Reading “No One Can Do it All”