To my Northern friends and family in Omaha, Cheyenne, and Spokane who have been hit hard with winter weather the past few weeks: I’m sorry Phil is such a cranky rodent that he would impose another six weeks of winter on us all!

Despite what that rude groundhog claimed this morning, I have been ramping up for Spring and intend to continue to do so.

As I inventoried my seeds to determine what I want/need to acquire for this year’s garden, I realized I needed to get them better organized. I had my seed packets shoved in a cardboard box. My stash is a mixture of 2021, 2022, and 2023 seeds. Some were freebies, some were purchased in a big box store, some came from seed catalogs and websites. Some of the envelopes have been opened and partially used, some are not opened, some were even empty (apparently, I was keeping the packets to remember what I had used?).

What a jumbled mess!

I had occasionally seen You Tubers with fancy seed boxes, so I thought, “I need a seed box to tame this chaos.”

I found some lovely specimens on Amazon after a fruitless search around the house. Holy Hannah, they were expensive!

This was $51.00 on Amazon

Luckily, I came upon THIS which was the perfect solution for me.

This was only $16.00 and I already have a 3-ring binder

It arrived today and I had a satisfying time tonight getting everything nicely organized.

Doesn’t that look great?

Now, where did I put the shipment of seeds that came earlier this week …. ??

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  1. LOL…maybe in your “to be used “ pots? Or in a can next to the porting soil?

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