While I was out harvesting yet more zucchini today, I again wondered, “How do you know when corn is ready to harvest?”

I’ve had this thought several times but never when I could look it up … and of course I would then forget the question when I had access to the internet.

Today, I just decided to act in the moment. A small husk on the plant next to me was hard in the middle indicating the presence of a cob/ear. I decided to sacrifice it, plucked it off the stalk, and shucked it.

Look what I found!

There’s actually corn in there!

I had despaired of any success with the corn when it just wasn’t progressing (see my lament HERE). I even had to delay planting the green beans in the Three Sisters Garden and work out a different way to support them because the corn was not growing like it was everywhere around me.

Nevertheless, by the time I did a mid-summer Garden Tour a couple of weeks ago the corn had tassled and there were ears on the plants. It was a glimmer of hope, but I wasn’t going to get too excited about it.

It actually worked!

This time I did look up “how to know when to harvest corn” and found this informative VIDEO from MIgardner. Now I know the answer to that question plus a good bit more that I didn’t know about growing corn.

Anatomy of a corn plant
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