DAY 1 – #everybitcountschallenge

As with any New Year’s resolution (a tradition I do not participate in), I started the first day of the #everybitcountschallenge off strong.

For Day 1, I sliced zucchini and put it in the dehydrator.

And yes, I wore a protective cut-resistant glove to use the mandolin slicer this time. I did not want a repeat of last year’s drama! You can read about that debacle HERE – (hint, blood was involved)

I came away with all digits intact!

Since I like to experiment, three trays have no seasoning (for use in casseroles, etc), one tray is salted (though I probably used the wrong type of salt), and one tray has an adobo seasoning sprinkled on it. Last year when I tried to make zucchini chips, the seasoning was heavy-handed, and I really didn’t think I’d try again. That’s why I only did one tray this time, used a pre-mixed seasoning, and sprinkled it on lightly.


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