Saturday, I went back to my favorite farmers market of all time.

Piedmont Triad Farmers Market

The Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is one of four farmers markets run by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. You’d think, considering it has a government connection, that it would be a real mess, but in this case, it truly seems to bring the farmers and the consumers together.

There are many things I appreciate about this market but these are the primary reasons it’s my favorite: 1) it’s huge and there are many, many vendors so you can shop around for the quality and price that meets your needs, 2) the vendors are mostly farmers – there are a limited number of stalls for baked goods, value added products, and craft items (limited to handmade or homemade items made from naturally occurring raw agricultural materials) but the focus is on the farmer, 3) almost all of the farmers are from North Carolina (out of state producers are allowed but their space rent is double that of those located in North Carolina).

Here are a few pictures of some of the sites to see:

I purchased green peppers to dehydrate, potatoes, green beans, and plums to can, and some seedlings for my fall/winter garden (since the ones I tried to start a few weeks ago all died).

This is what came home with me

Do you see what’s missing? Yep, I made it all the way home before discovering that the potatoes I bought did not come home with me. Drat. Since it’s an hour drive each way, I did not go back for them.

It’s going to be a busy week!


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