One of the several food-related projects I did this past weekend was to fill the dehydrator. I loaded 1-3/4 trays with tomatoes and finished the second tray with gypsy peppers (sweet). I didn’t get much of a harvest from the gypsy peppers. Two trays were filled with green peppers, and one tray with habanero peppers.

I am smart enough to know not to dehydrate hot peppers in the house. No problem – I just put it out on the porch. It works great: there’s an outlet right next to the porch and all the smells stay outside.

Hot peppers get dehydrated outside on the porch

Unless it rains.

Like it did later that night.

All night long.

There’s no cover on the porch so I had no choice but to bring it inside. I hoped it had processed long enough to be past the fumigating stage. I put the dehydrator on the stove and turned on the fan (it exhausts outside) to clear any residual odor.

No such luck.

It wasn’t long before the fumes had filled the house. I haven’t got my sense of smell back from having Covid last October so I couldn’t smell them, per se. I could sure feel the fumes in my throat and lungs though. Ugh.

I could not sleep that night and the few times I dozed off my brain was actively shouting at me, “The fumes! The fumes!” convinced we were all going to die. I was exhausted Monday!

The end results from the effort were great though:

The tomatoes look like precious stones
The green and gypsy peppers are ready to use in soups, stews, casseroles
Small bits of the dehydrated habanero will add nice flavor to whatever I add it in

Note to self: Before I do hot peppers again, I will have to come up with a Rain Plan!

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