Not everyone will have to deal with the upheaval and chaos the Ukrainians have experienced while evacuating their homes because of the invasion of Russian military forces.  However, many of us will have to evacuate our homes for some other disaster.  


There are several things you will want to do in advance, to prepare for an evacuation.

⋆ Learn the types of disasters that are possible in your community.

⋆ Prepare a 72-hour kit for your family and your pets.

⋆ Attach the Emergency Evacuation Checklist to your 72-hour kit for immediate access.  Know where each item is kept.

⋆ Prepare a Family Emergency Plan and keep it with your 72-hour kit.

⋆ Plan where you will go if you are advised to evacuate either by arranging to stay at someone’s home in another town or to stay in a hotel or community shelter.  If you have pets, be sure they are welcome where you are going.

⋆ Work out alternate routes and other means of transportation out of your area and keep that information with your 72-hour kit.

⋆ If you do not have a car, plan how you will leave.

⋆ Choose a family meeting place in case you become separated from other family members.

⋆ Develop a family communication plan to keep extended family members updated.  For example, choose one person outside your area as the main contact for you to provide updates and other family members will contact that person for information rather than multiple people contacting you.

⋆ Practice your evacuation plan so that when it counts, you have any kinks worked out.

We don’t like to think of bad things happening to our families; however, we know bad things Do happen. Preparing for these possibilities will bring peace to you now and during an emergency.

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