We made progress on the new Three Sisters Garden this weekend!

I discovered the Parts Department at work has large pieces of cardboard they discard so was fortunate to collect some this week. Then I checked into buying bulk garden soil and got two front loader scoops for $52.00. I would estimate that’s equivalent to 15-20 bags of soil which would have been $135.00 – $180.00.

I know my original plan last winter was to tarp it, grow a cover crop on it, and then till it. I was under-whelmed with how effective tarping the area was. The tiller was no longer available and the chickens were not going to till it fast enough for me. So, I went to Plan B. Or was it C? Or D? I guess this is another example that you have to stay flexible and adapt as needed.

The cardboard filled about half to two-thirds of the area so I will bring more home. I think I’ll need another scoop of soil, too. So, this project will continue next week. But it is well on the way!

“Who needs a gym membership when you have Grandma’s?”
Still more to do but it was a great start


  1. Good for you! (And Oscar)
    My yard is mostly snowless except for the front pile and the front of house under eaves where roof dumps it’s load….those are all still about 2-3 feet compacted! But Sun is shining and I’m going to Kim’s for brunch so my day is starting well. 🥰😍😍 Don’t work too hard today!

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