I’ve never had much luck with starting seeds in the past. That manifested itself again with the broccoli and cabbage seeds I started in January – it was a bust.

Since plant starts are expected to be even more expensive this year than last year, I really need to master this skill. So, I’m trying again.

Today, I planted watermelon, habanero pepper, gypsy pepper, spearmint, Sweet William, and tomato seeds.

Seeds planted 3/11/2022

The tomatoes, peppers and watermelon each got their own 12-cell tray. The spearmint and Sweet William split a tray and have 6-cells each.

They are on the heat mat with their humidity covers until they germinate. Then we will go from there.

Wish me luck!

I do fine with direct sowing seeds into the garden beds so I’m not starting the corn, green beans, or squash seeds.

The kale has already sprouted in the greenhouse. Even though it was just planted on Saturday, it had sprouted by Wednesday! I do enjoy seeing the fresh growth. I’m still waiting for the peas and newly seeded lettuce to show me some green.

This weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy again, but Spring really is just around the corner!

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