My new pullets hatched in early June and have now passed the 6 month mark. I’ve been watching for eggs for the past couple of weeks with great anticipation.

The wait is over … at least for one of them. Someone started laying eggs on Tuesday, has laid an egg a day since then, and is actually using the nest box!

Aren’t they lovely?

They are little pullet eggs, which are about the size of the medium eggs you see in the grocery store. The color is leaning toward sage green now but that could change to more of a blue as time goes on. Or, they might stay green – I did get some Easter Eggers after all.

The question, now, is: who did it?

Everyone in the hen house is keeping their beaks closed so it may remain a mystery for a long time….


  1. The little sneak! You could mount a game cam in the corner of the chix house for proof! [cid:14686D69-A2F3-4FF0-A021-5154553A8699]

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