The Phone Call

At the stroke of 8:00 a.m. this morning the phone rang.

I may have squealed when I saw that the display read “US Postal Service.”

The chicks had arrived at the post office! They are a day earlier than expected but that’s ok as we were ready for them except for the last minute details.

We picked them up at the post office. We could hear the cheeping before the box was brought up to us in the front. We used our self- control and resisted the urge to open the box immediately or even in the car on the way home.

Everyone made it! Well done Cackle Hatchery and USPS. We ordered all females and when they are about six months old, they will start laying eggs. Five of them will lay blue eggs. Three are Easter Eggers and they might lay blue or green or brown or pink eggs.

We dipped their beaks in the water so they knew where it was. Chicks are very thirsty after such a long trip so, while a couple went straight to the warm side of the brooder, several of them just stood around the water dish and guzzled.

Everyone seems happy in their bathtub brooder. I will leave them in the bathtub for a couple of days to recover from their travels before moving them to their permanent brooder.

Welcome little chicks!

… wait, there’s 9 of them, not eight!

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