And then there were FOUR

If you’ve followed along the last 5 months, you know that I have seven chickens, three roosters and four hens, in two coops. There are 5 chickens in main coop, aka the Crookedest Chicken House in the East. The second, small, coop is for the two Cream Legbar roosters that got Marek’s Disease but didn’t die. That’s three roosters out of the seven eggs we hatched.

Wait, did I say three roosters? Well, it appears we have a changeling.

Until a couple of weeks ago, Road Runner was the obvious rooster in the main coop. He was bigger than the other chickens, had a big, colorful comb, a beautiful cape of black feathers around his hackles, and a rooster tail. Until a couple of weeks ago, Thunderbutt looked just like Eager with a small, almost non-existent black comb and a smaller body. That all changed though. I noticed Thunderbutt’s comb was getting bigger and redder. Then I noticed Thunderbutt was getting bigger and was developing a cape of black feathers around the hackles and a big rooster tail. Thunderbutt has not crowed but, by golly, Thunderbutt is a rooster!

Sigh, I need another chicken coop to move these two Laced Blue Belle roosters into (two roosters is too many for 3 hens). Either that or I’m going to have to hitch up my big girl pants and learn how to process chickens for freezer camp.

In the main coop:

In the little coop:

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