To finalize your 72-hour kit, TAKE STOCK of two pieces of information that should be included with your kits.

If you haven’t already done so, you will want to include Emergency Contact information in your kits and also post an Evacuation Checklist.

We’ve all seen that sometimes we are required to leave our homes in an emergency, rather than hunkering down. Recent examples of that are the train derailment in Ohio in February and the storms that caused damage in seven states just this past week.

When we must evacuate, an Evacuation Checklist will help us calmly collect additional items that are not included in our emergency kits. This list should be broken down according to how much time you have. Here is a downloadable example:


In the event that some household members are not at home during an emergency, it is recommended that each person member carry an Emergency Card with them and to have one included in each 72-hour kit. This card ensures each person has important contact information available, regardless of their location. Here is a downloadable example:


The addition of these two items will provide an additional level of peace in a stressful situation.

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